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I replace broken,cracked,loose,chipped tiles and replace. If you need your grout replaced on your floors or shower walls I can help do that too.

I also install tiles on :Floors, showers, tub surrounds, kitchen backsplashes, washroom  backsplashes, fireplaces, wet bar, outside steps/stairs.


I replace cracked/broken/loose/old/chipped tiles.

I can remove old, cracked,loose,broken, dirty grout and replace with new grout.

I can remove your old, dirty, stained,blackened caulking/silicon and replace.

I can tile your existing fireplace.

I can install tiles on your bathroom,laundry,kitchen, hall and foyer floors.

I can install a new kitchen backsplash for your kitchen.

I can tile your shower walls, build a new shower, new floor tiles.

I can paint your bathroom walls and ceiling, and bedroom walls.

If your shower needs a good cleanup, ie - removal of old caulking and grout - this can change the appearance.
Tile Installation Services click here.

I de-grout/re-grout floor tiles and showers.

Tile Repairs, tile grouting, shower caulking, tile installation: backsplash, fireplace, shower, floors.

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